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Ingredients : Noodles [79%): Wheat flour, water, salt, acidity regulator: [E500), spice. Soup base: Non-dairy creamer (glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm oil, milk protein, acidity regulator (E340), emulsifier (E471), anti-caking agent: [E551], white sugar, flavour enhancer [E621, E635], salt, yeast extracts, sesame seeds, soy sauce powder soybeans, wheat, salt), garlic powder, flavouring (eggs, soybeans), onion powder, dried green onion, Chinese cabbage powder, kelp powder, spices, thickener: (E466), clam extract [clam (molluscs), maltodextrin, anchovy fish), sall, flavour enhancer: [E621], bonito powder [bonito (fish)], flavour enhancer: [E621], garlic flavouring (wheat, sesame seeds), anti-caking agent: (E551). Seasoning oil: Palm oil, sesame oil, garlic oil (rapeseed ol, garlic, antioxidant: (E306), flavouring peanuts, soybeans, garlic flavouring (soybeans), ginger flavouring. This product may contain traces of lupin.

Demae Ramen Bar Noodle Kyushu Tonkotsu Flavour Instant Noodle (176g)

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