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Vermicelli - sweet potato starch, corn starch (sulphite), palm oil, thickener(E415), salt, acidity regulator (E330). 

Soup Base - palm oil, bean sauce (chili, broad beans, salt, wheat), mustard root, salt, chili, five spices powder (Chinese prickly ash, star anise, fennel, rhizome kaempferiae, cinnamon), ginger, shallot, artificial ferchang flavor paste, artificial rib paste, chili flavor, artificial feichang flavor. 

Oil - rapeseed oil, palm oil, chili, Chinese prickly ash. 

Powder - salt, artificial rib powder, antificial feichang flavor, sugar, maltodextrin, soy sauce powder, flavor enhancer (E621, E635). Contains allergens sulphite, gluten, mustard and soybean.

Instant Vermicelli - Artificial Fei-Chang Flavour 辣味肥腸味方便粉絲 (108g)

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