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Ingredients: Wheat flour, Modified potato starch, Potato starch, Palm oil, Emulsified oil [Sunflower seed oil, Lecithin (soy)]. Salt, Wheat Gluten, Onion extract, Alkaline agent (E500, E501, E339] Liquid Sauce: Water, Onion, Black bean sauce [Wheat, Black soy bean, Salt) Potato, Sugar, Canola oil, Onion flavoured oil [Corn oil, onion] Soy protein, Soy sauce powder (Soy, Wheat, salt), Modified tapioca starch, Corn starch, Spicy oillCorn oil, capsicum] Red pepper powder, Caramel syrup, Ginger extract, Salt, Onion powder, Flavor enhancer [E635], Paprika, Raising agent [E500] Dried Vegetables: Dried cabbage, Dried pea.

Paldo Bul Jjajang Noodle with Spicy Black Bean Sauce (203g)

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