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Ingredients: Milk Powder Bag: creamer (glucose syrup, refined vegetable oil, whey powder, emulsifier (caseinate, E471 E481), stabiliser E340ii, edible essence, anti-caking agent E551, sugar, whole milk powder, black tea powder, anti-caking agent E341iii), edible essence; Brown Sugar Syrup Bag: Water, fructose syrup, brown sugar, emulsifier E466, acidity regulator E330, food colorant E150a, preservative E202, sweetener E950, edible essence; Tapioca Pearls Bag: Water, edible starch, stabiliser E1442, starch acetate, food colorant E150a, thickener E412, preservative E262 E266, vegetable carbon black, edible essence; Black Tea Powder Bag: Black tea powder

Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea Drink Xiaoluluwan 小鹿鹿丸珍珠奶茶 (123g)

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