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Ingredients: Noodle (bag): wheat (53%), tapioca, water. Sauce (bag): water (65%), salt, soy sauce (water, soy, wheat flour, salt, sugar), sugar, spices [star anise, rhizome kaempferiae, cinnamon], preservatives [E202]. Pickled cowpea (bag): green bean (80%), salt, rapeseed oil, chili, preservatives [E211], flavour enhancer [E330]. Minced garlic (bag): minced garlic (85%), rapeseed oil. Dried turnip (bag): turnip (80%), rapeseed oil, salt, sugar, onion powder. Peanut (bag): peanut (75%), peas, rapeseed oil, salt, sugar, onion powder

Yumei Instant Guilin Noodle 与美桂林米粉 (260g)

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